Thank you all for attending the November Intergroup Meeting and voting in our yearly Board election.  We had a remarkable turn out with 60+ members, many of whom provided delicious homemade desserts for our Election Night Sugar-fest.  It was amazing and we thank you for your participation.  Some of us may be suffering  a bit of a sugar hangover today, but it was well worth it!  If you need more dessert, we have the left-overs at the office. Many of you drive long distances to continue to participate in the Intergroup Rep Meetings every month and we appreciate that more than you know.  As a result of your votes, we now have five new Board Members-

Our New Board of Trustees elected Nov. 10th: 
  • Jo M.        Clean Air North
  • Tom A.      Lake Highlands
  • Joe G.       Allen
  • Barney L.  We Agnostics
  • Jack L.      Clean Air

Alternates for 2017:

  • Rick B.,  Principles
  • Baxter B., Chicago
  • Stuart R., Simply AA
  • Eric R., Lake Highlands
  • Rob R., Casa
  • Steve G., Shivering Denizens
  • Rex L., The Colony
  • Kevin L., Friendship

Alternates take the place of any Board member that has to resign,  It does happen, so our alternates are very important.

Thank you again for being an active member of the Intergroup.  With the new board we have eight different groups represented, and with the alternates,  we have fourteen different groups which will give us a diverse group to further the work of the Dallas Intergroup Association and the Dallas Central Office!

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Thanks to everyone that entered the 10th Annual Cook-off and to everyone that came to eat and support the event.

The top three Chili entries were:

  • First Place:  “Hot Stuff” from Clean Air North Group

  • Second Place:  “Slow Burn” from the We Agnostics Group

  • Third Place:  “Muleskinner Red” from the Georgetown Group

  • The Winning Cornbread was entered by The Gift of Sobriety!

Congratulations to all winners and entrants.  Thank you all for coming.  Photos of the winners (in masks of course) will appear in our next issue of the DIAlog.


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Thanks to everyone that participated in our 69th Central Office Anniversary.  We had great cake and coffee plus our speaker, Earl H., was “on fire”!  Once Earl auctioned off his own yearly chip we had a flood of donations and we are most grateful.

Our next event will be our 10th Chili Cook-Off.  We will have a raffle, and plenty of extras.  Bring your best chili and/or cornbread and compete!  Our speaker will be Chris C., from the Frisco Group.

Saturday, October 22, from 2pm to 6pm.  Trophies for the top three chili chiefs and the cornbread voted the best..  We will be at the Westside Christian Church, 4711 Westside Drive, Dallas, TX 75209.  If you need a map go to the Sunday Morning Live Group.  They have a meeting in this church.  It is very close to the Inwood and Mockingbird intersection.

DIA’s 10th Chili Cook-off



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As you know, the building we are in, The Wilshire Building, is undergoing a complete reconstruction.  This past Saturday, July 16th, made it quite clear that opening our office on Saturdays is not only dangerous but was almost impossible to get into the building.  The workmen take advantage of the weekend to do major destruction.  We are the only retail office in this building and only open two Saturdays, so no one took that into consideration.

For everyone’s safety and the staff and volunteer’s wellbeing, the office will not be open on Saturdays until the construction is complete or until we find a temporary location to wait out the renovation.  There will be changes in our hours if we do not find a temporary location quickly.  We will keep you posted.  Until something is posted hours remain 10am to 5pm.

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If you visit our office in the near future, be aware that a lot of work is being done throughout the building.  While it may look like something out of a horror movie at the moment, DIA is open for business and it is bright and friendly in our space!  We have no idea how long this will take.  However, we will be here waiting for you!  Be careful of the steps.  It is easy to trip on the exposed edges.  The elevator is slow but reliable.

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