The Dallas Central Office is alive and well.  We did not explode, or move or any of the other wild rumors going around.  We are in the same suite we have occupied since May of 1999.

We are open this Saturday, so come and visit us.  Our suite is not completely finished but we are still here.  Since a recent meeting we have received a number of surprised members who found out that no disaster had befallen us.

Thanks for you interest in our well-being!!  Please come visit and see for yourself.

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Beginning in April, 2017, we will once again be open on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month.

  • Our first open Saturday will be April 8th, then the third Saturday, April 15th.
  • The office will be open from 10am to 2pm.

If you can’t make it during the week come see us on Saturdays!!  The doors should be open, but if they are locked for any reason, just call the office and someone will come down to open the doors.  The intercom has not been replaced at this time.

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Spring Summer DIA Directory

We are in the process of updating and printing our new directory.  We will not have new directories in stock for about two weeks.  Newcomer Packs will be available at a reduced rate without a directory.  We will be happy to take your name and number so we can let you know when the new issue of the DIA Metroplex Directory is ready and in stock.

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Thank you all for updating your schedules.  We are now in the final process of changing the meeting information you sent us.  The printed schedule will look like the schedule you gave us for the online meetings.  If we have not heard from you in over a year and therefore been unable to verify that your groups is still active and the schedule is the same will be no longer appear on the website or the printed directory.  Thank you all for keeping your schedules accurate for our members.  We hope to have the new schedules ready by the end of March.

We appreciate your help.

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When you visit the Central Office, please park in the back of the building.  The front parking lot is closed due to large machinery and the addition of a metal façade of some sort.  If you have a large order we will help you get the boxes downstairs.  The elevator has been refurbished and is working fine.  The construction next door is close to completion so we should be able to hang photos in the archives area and the front entry.  Hopefully we are finally at a point that nothing will fall off the walls again.  We have a small sandwich type sign outside our door on the second floor to help you find the office.  There is nothing on the doors indicating suite numbers and everything looks the same.  While our signs says come sign up for 12 Step work, we won’t make you!

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