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6162 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 213
Dallas, Texas 75214
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Telephone (214) 887-6699
Dallas AA Central Office Regular Hours
Monday through Friday 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
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The office is open for an average of 48 hours each week, staffed by one full-time and one part-time employee, and some thirty volunteers and alternates who rotate in four-hour shifts. Members are always welcome to volunteer.  If you are interested in assisting in this important and life-saving work by volunteering your time, experience, strength and hope, please click here.

The Central Office is staffed by a full-time Manager and office volunteers. AA’s Eighth Tradition states, “…our service centers may employ special workers.” Our Director and Assistant Director are accountable to the Board, whose Trustees are accountable to the Representatives, who are accountable to their respective home groups. The Director is responsible for the daily operation and fiscal responsibility of the Central Office. Matters that pertain to the groups or members of AA in general are brought to the Reps for a vote. For example, the groups, by the vote of their elected representatives, decided many years ago that the office should sell medallions and non-AA literature in addition to a complete catalogue of literature from AA World Services and The Grapevine, including foreign language publications.

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We publish printed meeting schedules for your convenience, available at most groups and at the Central Office. Groups must meet only one requirement for inclusion in the meeting schedule: Tradition Three, i.e., that its members ought to be men and women who suffer from alcoholism, that its meetings should be open to all alcoholics and that, as a group, it should have no other affiliation. Inclusion in the schedule or on the website is not dependent on a group’s financial support of DIA.

Making Newcomers Packets

Our bi-monthly newsletter, The DIA Log, is available at groups whose Reps take them back from the monthly Intergroup meetings. It is also sent gratis for one year to all members who contribute to the DIA. Aside from announcements and the DIA’s monthly financial report, it includes feature articles written by local members and recovering alcoholics from around the world.

Your Central Office is the “front line of AA” in our community. We get calls from the general public and from schools, hospitals and other institutions needing information about Alcoholics Anonymous. We provide services such as speakers and literature to these institutions though our various committees.

We take many calls – and e-mails – from alcoholics needing help, and we carry the message to them in many ways. Sometimes we refer them to the closest AA group, and occasionally we provide them with rides to meetings. We always try to share our own experiences with them in the hope of triggering the identification process that leads to recovery.

Many members contact us about meeting schedules for groups all over the Greater Dallas area and beyond.

In the future, we hope to continue and enhance these services that reflect the finest in AA tradition. The Dallas Intergroup Association will continually strive to improve its vital outreach with our standing committees. The Dallas AA Central Office will continue to employ competent, skilled, dedicated special workers with an equally committed corps of AA volunteers. The times require responsible, able workers who can understand financial analyses, publish a newsletter, have working knowledge of the latest computer technologies and know our AA community intimately. Yet, we never want to lose sight of our most fundamental principle: being responsible to the alcoholic who still suffers and wants help. We are here to serve.

Please drop by and see us – browse the literature racks, chat with volunteers and staff, have a cup of AA coffee or an ice-cold soda. You’re always welcome – it’s your Central Office.

The Foundation of the DIA: Tradition Nine

“AA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

AA’s Ninth Tradition is the foundation of the Dallas Intergroup Association’s structure. Our sole purpose is to serve the AA members and groups of Greater Dallas by our committee work and by funding and maintaining a central service office for AA in the Greater Dallas area.

The Dallas Intergroup Association is a Texas non-profit corporation. Each of the approximately 100 groups in the Dallas area may belong to the Intergroup Association simply by electing an Intergroup Representative. The DIA’s principles are based on the same Twelve Traditions as are those of other AA entities. Thus, there are no dues or fees for participation, but we are self-supporting through the voluntary contributions of our membership. As a local AA service organization, we operate in two separate but related spheres: (1) Committee work in the areas of Public Information, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Correctional Facilities and Treatment Facilities, and (2) Maintenance of the Dallas AA Central Office, a regional service center for all AA groups in the Dallas area. Our services are available to any AA group upon request, whether or not the group belongs to the DIA.

One Representative and one Alternate are elected for one-year terms by each member group. Their service commitment is one meeting per month for the duration of their term. The representatives communicate information and concerns between the DIA and the groups.

The Intergroup Representatives elect Trustees for the DIA Board each November. There are 9 members of the Board of Trustees. Trustees serve two-year terms. Not more than 2 members of one group can serve at the same time. All Trustees serve on a standing committee or on the Executive Committee. The board is responsible for overseeing the Central Office and its employees. The Trustees meet each month at the Central Office just before the Intergroup meeting.

Dallas Intergroup History

The Dallas Central Office had its first Board meeting and was open for business on September 18, 1947. At that time there were only two AA groups in the area. The Central Office was located on Akard Street in the Davis Building. It was a musty old office, a little cluttered, but filled with AA caring. Dick P. was the director. He suffered physically from Jamaica Ginger poisoning during Prohibition days, but it didn’t stop him from answering the phone, coordinating 12-Step calls or sharing with a friend or stranger over a cup of coffee. He even sold some literature.

The location of the office changed a few times over the next several years, but always stayed in the Downtown Dallas area. In the late 50’s Lester F. hired Merl (“a perfect lady”) to run things. According to Lester, she kept the place “real clean and orderly” during the time she worked there.

In 1968 a reorganization meeting was held. The Central Office became an Intergroup Office operating under the guidance of the AA Groups, which numbered 8 or 9 by then. A local member then loaned the Intergroup $2,000.00 to buy literature from AA World Services, Inc.

In 1989 the Intergroup incorporated and became Dallas Intergroup Association, a non-profit organization. From that small beginning in 1947, we now serve over 100 AA groups in Dallas and its suburbs. A full range of committees are headed by members of the Board of Trustees. The include Cooperation with the Professional Community, Treatment Centers, Public Information, and Correctional Facilities. The Groups make all decision on their services at the Representative’s meetings and the Board decides all fiduciary policy and business decisions regarding the Office. In April 2000 the Intergroup office once again became known as the Dallas AA Central Office. This change was made to better describe the function of the office to potential newcomers.

Meetings can be found on our Meetings page”

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