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 From the archives!  I thought you might enjoy this description of the Intergroup Reps Duties, written by the Board when we were on 13500 Midway Road with 3 employees!  It also has a history of the Intergroup at that time. Enjoy!

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The Dallas Intergroup Rep meeting is on the second Thursday of every month at 8 p.m.  ***Beginning April 13, 2017, we will meet in the McIver Chapel at the Wilshire Baptist Church, 4316 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75214.  There is absolutely NO Smoking anywhere on the Wilshire Church property. Please help us keep our new meeting place pristine. There is plenty of parking around the Chapel. A wheel chair accessible ramp is located at the North entrance only. You may enter through the following entrances: Office, McIver Chapel, North, James Gallery, South Atrium, and the South Lobby doors. 

The meetings generally last an hour, ***and the bookstore will now be open from 6:30-7:15 p.m. before the meeting for the Reps convenience, while still allowing for staff and volunteers to travel to the Rep. meeting and find parking.

Our New Board of Trustees Elected Nov. 19, 2017 (2018-2020)

Thank you all for coming out–the elections have always been a lot of fun, and the turnout was incredible.

***Committees will be selected in Jan.

  • Freda W., Carrollton Group– 37 votes
  • Stuart R., Simply A.A. Group– 29 votes
  • Camille K., Clean Air North Group– 28 votes
  • Keith D., Returned and Recovered Group – 25 votes

Alternates for 2018-2020

Alternates take the place of any Board member that has to leave the Board,  It does happen, so our alternates are very important.

  • Sidney P., Addison Group – 24 votes
  • John R., Big Book Dallas Group – 22 votes
  • Eric R., Lake Highlands Group – 21 votes
  • John C., The Colony Group – 18 votes

2017 Board of Trustees with Committees:

  • Jimmy D., Chicago Group:  Chair and Nightwatch Committee
  • P.J. H., Allen Group:  Vice Chair and PI/CPC, (co-chair Special Needs)
  • Joe G., Allen Group:  Treasurer and Speaker Bureau
  • Jo M., Clean Air North Group:  Secretary and Special Needs (co-chair PI/CPC)
  • Jack L, Clean Air Group:  Special Events
  • Bernard L., We Agnostic Group: Newsletter
  • Doug L., Cornerstone Group:  Treatment“`
  • Florinda F., Rowlett Group:  Corrections/Jails
  • Tom A., Lake Highlands Group:  Co-Chair, Special Events

If you need to contact any member of the Board of Trustees, please contact the office and we will give you the contact information for that member.

Thank you all for coming to the November elections.  There was a tremendous turn out and many homemade desserts.  It was wonderful and we thank you for your participation.  Some of us may be suffering a bit of a sugar hangover, but it was well worth it!

Our New Board of Trustees elected Nov. 10th: 
  • Jo M.        Clean Air North
  • Tom A.      Lake Highlands
  • Joe G.       Allen
  • Barney L.  We Agnostics
  • Jack L.      Clean Air

Alternates for 2016:

  • Rick B.,  Principles
  • Baxter B., Chicago
  • Stuart R., Simply AA
  • Eric R., Lake Highlands
  • Rob R., Casa
  • Steve G., Shivering Denizens
  • Rex L., The Colony
  • Kevin L., Friendship

Alternates take the place of any Board member that has to leave the board,  It does happen, so our alternates are very important.

Thank you everyone for being at the meeting.  We had over 60 members in attendance and the distribution of groups will give us a diverse group to further the work of the Dallas Intergroup Association and the Dallas Central Office!

  • Bernard L., We Agnostic Group: Newsletter  resigned
  • Rick B.,  Principles:  Newsletter  (replaced Barney L.)  resigned in October
  • Baxter B., Chicago will take over for Rick B. who resigned in October, 20107

Your Current Board of Trustees and positions currently:  (all Board of Trustees can be reached via the office email)  Our executive committee consists of the following:  Names in bold will be rotating off in December of 2016.

  • Chair:  Greg L.., Cornerstone Group, Speaker Committee
  • Vice-Chair, Jimmy D., Chicago Group, Nightwatch Committee
  • Secretary, Florinda F., Rowlett Group, Jails/Corrections
  • Treasurer, Dave R., Georgetown Group

Micki G., Clean Air North Group, PI/CPC Committee;  Michael D., Clean Air North Group, Special Needs Committee; Doug L., Cornerstone Group, Treatment Committee, P.J. H., Allen Group,Newsletter Committee; Bob C., Georgetown Group, Special Events Committee.

Intergroup Reps may nominate from the floor at the October Meeting, October 13th if there is someone from your group, a previous IG Rep, or yourself if you want.  As long as you qualify, see our by-laws, you can run for the Board of Trustees.

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DIA Rep Agenda May 2017

DIA Rep Minutes MAY 2017

DIA Rep Agenda April 2017

DIA Rep APRIL Minutes 2017

DIA Rep Meeting March 9, 2017

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DIA Reps_June 9 2016

DIA Reps_May 12 2016

DIA Reps _April 14 2016

Rep Agenda Minutes March 10 2016

DIA Reps Agenda_Min. Feb. 11 2016

DIA Reps Jan 14 2016

DIA Reps Agenda_Minutes Dec. 10 2015

DIA Reps Agenda_Min Nov. 12 2015

DIA Rep Oct 8 2015

DIA Reps Sept. 10 2015

Reps Aug 2015

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DIA Rep Agenda_Minutes May 14. 20154

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DIA Rep Meeting Minutes – 2-12-15_March Rep Agenda

DIA Rep AgendaFeb. 12 2015

DIA Rep Agenda Jan. 8 2015

Intergroup Rep Meeting Minutes – 01-08-15

DIA Rep Agenda November 13 2014

DIA Board Agenda October 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes 10_09_2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes, 9_11_2014

DIA Rep Agenda September 11 2014

DIA Rep Agenda August 14 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes, 8_14_2014

DIA Rep Agenda July 10 2014

DIA July Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda June 12 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes 06_12_2014

DIA Rep Agenda May 8 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes 05_08_2014

DIA Rep Agenda April 10 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes for April 10

DIA April Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda March 13 2014


Newsletter and Special Needs for March 2014

March Speaker Committee Report

March Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda Feb 13 2014

DIA Rep Agenda January 9, 2014

Nominees for 2014 Board

Dia Rep Agenda October 10, 2013


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If you need more information please feel free to contact the office.

Janis R., Executive Director Dallas Intergroup Association,

Please let your groups know that our committees are active and need volunteers.  They can fill out the volunteer form on the website and check what committee or committees they would like to join.

 Amended By-laws 2011


  • Attend monthly meetings which are held the second Thursday of every month, except August, at 8pm.  The meetings are held in the McIver Chapel of the Wilshire Baptist Church at 4316 Abrams Rd.  The Office is open from 6:30-7:15 p.m. for literature pickups.  For large orders please call ahead to avoid a jam.
  • Make monthly reports based on Intergroup Meeting information to your home group.
  • Inform the Intergroup office of any changes in your group’s meeting times, types, group location, phone number, any changes.  If you see an error in your listing please call and let us know.  We can change information on the website daily, but the printed schedules only come out 3-4 times a year.  We can only be as accurate as the information you give us.  We depend on you to help us out.  If you visit a group other than your home group and find that group does not appear to be active please inform us of that as well.
  • Urge home group participation in any Intergroup sponsored event or function such as the Chili Cook-off and Anniversary Celebration.
  • Help the Intergroup maintain an accurate and up to date 12th Step List from your home group.  The Intergroup gets speakers for groups and events as well as workshops so a good supply of speakers, step speakers and other volunteers for group activities is very important.  When someone calls for help it is great to have a list of volunteers from the many different areas we serve.
  • Ask your home group to make financial contributions to the Intergroup using GSO guidelines.
  • Advise your alternate Intergroup Rep of all Intergroup activities so that home group participation will not be interrupted.
  • Suggest to other groups that they elect a willing, active member to serve as their Intergroup Rep and have a voice in monthly meetings.
  • Keep Intergroup informed of any special event at your home group.  We will post the event on our events page on the website and on the bulletin board in the office.
  • Sign up for the EBlast, for Intergroup Reps, to get the latest information.  We have to have your current email to add you to the list.
  • Inform your group about Intergroup and the services we provide all groups, including the Speaker Bureau, Nightwatch, Workshop Assistance, Mediators for Group Inventory, 12th Step calls, and much more.  We are always looking for members with some extra time to volunteer at the office.
  • Inform your group about available literature.
  • Urge your group to take Nightwatch for a weekend.
  • Urge members to visit the office and see what the Dallas Central Office/Intergroup does in person.
  • Members of our Board of Trustees are happy to visit your group and answer any questions your members might have about Intergoup.

Amended By-Laws 07

Bill W stated that “The Intergroup Association is the best insurance we can have that the life lines to the hundreds of thousands yet to come will never break or tangle.  Let us always be generous.  Let us always support the Intergroup.” SPEAKER BUREAU The Central Office offers this service to any group in our area.  We have a wonderful list of speakers, whether you need a Step Speaker, Tradition or Concept Speaker or someone to share their personal experience, strength and hope.  We can also supply experienced speakers for panels and workshops.  If your group is going to have an inventory we can help you with that as well. Just call the office and request the type of speaker you need.  We are aware of last-minute cancellations but whenever possible if you could give us a few days to fill your request it would be appreciated.  If you do have a cancellation at the last-minute we will do our best to find someone to fill in for your group.  Once you call us and request us to find speakers for you, we will!  If you continue to look for speakers after calling us the result is quite often double booking, or having two speakers instead of one.  We have a rotating committee with a different member taking requests each month.  If you or members of your group would like to be added to the speaker list we would love to do just that.  You can email or call in the information and we will add you to the master list.  Individuals can also volunteer using the form on this website. The Dallas Central Office/Dallas Intergroup is here to help you!