McKinney Fellowship Group History

There were 20 people who started and attended the first meeting held on December 9th 1984 on Wilcox street. The rent was $600 a month and it was met in the sanctuary. The rent was getting too much and we were getting behind, so we started to look for a new place. March 7th of 1987 we moved to 120 W. Virginia. It was located upstairs in what we nicknamed the pigeon roost because there were pigeon carcasses found everywhere. In no time the place was cleaned up and ready for us to meet in. The rent was $50 a month and we were also paying the other location $50 in back rent.

In Nov. 1988 the people who owned the church we were previously meeting at, asked us to come back and they offered to lower the rent. We moved back to Wilcox street and met in the fellowship hall. We payed $250 a month rent plus $50 on the back rent. In June 1990 the church was sold so we had to move. We moved to 202 Virginia street and payed $400 a month rent. It used to be a office so we had to tear down some walls and rebuild it. The building was later sold so we had to look for a new place that we could afford. In February of 1997 we went to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church for one month and paid a $25 dollar donation to them. When they started to dictate what we could and couldn’t do, we decided to move.

In March of 1997 we moved to the West Side Church of Christ. We made a donation of $300 a month to stay there. During our time there we found the property which is our current location, 802 E University. It had been a day care center. It took a lot of time and manpower to help restore the building so we could start to have our meetings there. Some of the walls had to be torn down, as well as some walls put up. We had to build a parking lot and work on the landscaping. It took from March to September to get the building ready to move in. Sept 7th 1997 was the move-in date. We paid $600 a month on rent and also signed a 5 year lease, with a clause that stated that the owner could raise the rent 10% per year. Rent stayed the same until Sept. 1999 when he decided to raised it to $660.

We signed a new lease in Sept. 2002 and had a new heating and air condition installed along with a new circuit breaker box, so rent went up to $860. Here is we currently hold our meetings, thanks to the many people who come together for one single purpose, to stay sober and carry the message!

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