NEW ITEM! Newcomer Handout

This alternative to Newcomer Packets came about as a result of feedback from local AA group members and volunteers.

Several sources observed it seems the most valuable and utilized part of the NC Packet is the phone list, and pamphlets often go unread.

The Newcomer Handout has the phone list, and QR codes for relevant pamphlets should the newcomer wish to read further.


  • Roughly 1/6th the cost of a Newcomer Packet
  • Uses Far less paper
  • No assembly time needed, so office volunteers can attend to other duties.
  • Less Bulky
  • Can be folded and put in pocket.


  • No Printed pamphlets included

We will continue offering regular Newcomer Packets at $1.95, but encourage your group to give these handouts a trial period and see how they work for you!

Best Regards,

Sam Fuller

Office Manager