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The Dallas Intergroup Rep meeting is on the second Thursday of every month at 8pm.  We meet at the First United Luther Church, 6202 E Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75214.  The meetings generally last an hour and the bookstore is open for 1/2 hour after the meeting for the Reps convenience.  We use the detached building behind the church.  Plenty of parking.


Board of Trustees for 2014-15

Chair:  Rick P., Clean Air North, Jails and Corrections

Vice-Chair: Molly J., Cornerstone, Special Events, contact through office or

Treasurer:  Chris S., Lambda Group, Convention Volunteer Committee,

Secretary:    Jon P, Principles, Speaker Committee/12th Step List, contact through office

Ralph S., Aquarius Group, Treatment Committee,

Josh K., Chicago Group, Special Needs &  PI/CPC Committee,

Jon P, Principles, 12 Step and Speaker Bureau,

Dave R., Georgetown, Nightwatch Committee, Outreach,

Andrea H., Friendship, Newsletter Committee,

Ed. L, No Hassle Group, PI/CPC Committee,

Janis R., Clean Air North, Director Dallas Intergroup Association,




Ed L from the No Hassle Group

Jennette M from The Principles Group (resigned) 

Josh K from the Chicago Group

Ralph S from the Aquarius Group

We are very happy to have so many groups represented by the 9 members of our DIA Board.  Thanks to all the Intergroup Reps that make the effort to come every second Thursday and be counted!  We appreciate your support.  After the Executive Committee of the Board is elected at the January board meeting, I will post the new positions and committees.

IG Rep Agendas  (other information as available.  Minutes posted after following Board Meeting)

DIA Rep Agenda July 10 2014

DIA July Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda June 12 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes 06_12_2014

DIA Rep Agenda May 8 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes 05_08_2014

DIA Rep Agenda April 10 2014

Intergroup rep meeting minutes for April 10

DIA April Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda March 13 2014


Newsletter and Special Needs for March 2014

March Speaker Committee Report

March Treatment Facility and BTG report

DIA Rep Agenda Feb 13 2014

DIA Rep Agenda January 9, 2014


Nominees for 2014 Board Dia Rep Agenda October 10, 2013 OCTOBER SPEAKER COMMITTEE REPORT PI-CPC_report_10092013_intergroup Special Events 10 10 13



2013 DIA Board of Trustees:

Chair:  Dave C., Chicago Group, Special Needs,

Vice-Chair: Joe P., Town North Group, Treatment Committee,

Treasurer:  Chris S., Lambda Group, Convention Volunteer Committee

Secretary:  Pat Mc., Kessler Park Group, Newsletter Committee,

Ralph S., Aquarius Group, PI/CPC Committee,

Molly J., Cornerstone Group, Special Events Committee, contact thru office

Larry R, Southwest Clean Air Group, 12 Step and Speaker Bureau,

Paul W, Bruton Terrace Group,  Nightwatch Committee,

Rick Pomroy, Clean Air North, Jails and Corrections Committee,

Janis R., Cornerstone Group, Director Dallas Intergroup Association,

The four “officers” listed at the top of the trustee list, plus the Director, make up our Executive Committee.  If you need more information feel free to contact us anytime.

Please let your groups know that our committees are active and need volunteers.  They can fill out the volunteer form on the website and check what committee or committees they would like to join.


JULY INTERGROUP MEETING:  I want to give a special thanks to all the Reps that came to our meeting on July 14th, 2011.  Based on the groups that send representatives and are part of our roll call, we had an all time high of 75% representation.  To my knowledge that is a record for the Dallas Intergroup Association!!!  We are so incredibly grateful for the support you have shown and for faithfully coming to our meetings.  Some of you have quite a drive from Ponder and McKinney and other areas that require true dedication and more than a few minutes of driving.  Thank you so very much.  It there were gold stars in Alcoholics Anonymous, you would all get one!  Again, thank you and keep up the excellent work you have done.  We will have to do something very special next month for our first August Intergroup Meeting.  Keep tuned!                          Janis

Links for Intergroup Reps

Another thing you might want to tell your group:  although this is not conference approved material, the author Mel B, (who did help write Pass It On among other things) signed all of his books in stock at the Intergroup office.  For anyone interested in signed editions, we still have some of his books available. Autographed books are usually more collectible for anyone interested in building an AA library.

We will be publishing a new Metroplex Directory by early July, 2011.  Please check your group’s listing on the website and make sure it is correct.  The printed listing will be based on the information we have on the website.  If the website is correct, would you please send me an email saying that?  By doing so, I can list all the groups that have contacted us and then try to get in touch with those that have not.  Chances are, if you do not take care of this it will probably not get done in time.  We really depend on our Intergroup Reps to keep the DIA up to date as far as group information.  You do a fantastic job and all of us at the Dallas Intergroup Association appreciate your efforts.  Thank you.  Deadline for group changes will be June 17th, 2011

Please remember that you will be voting on the by-law changes at the May Intergroup meeting, May 12th.  If you have any questions at all please call and we will do our best to answer any questions.  The Seniors in Sobriety meeting is off and running and we will be getting in touch with other retirement centers and Senior Citizen Living Centers in the future.  Anyone wanting to help can join the Special Needs Committee.  The reception for this meeting has been very positive and the need is growing daily.  All of us “baby boomers” can relate!  You do not have to be a senior to participate.  Everyone is welcome and needed.


If anyone in your group is interested you might pass on the info about Charlie P’s death.  (He is the Charlie of Joe and Charlie Book Studies out of Arkansas)  He died on his way home from a meeting!  His funeral will be Tuesday, April 26th from 2-4pm at the Mt Hermon Church in Jay, Oklahoma 74346-3500.  918-253-4111.  Joe McQ and Charlie P did Big Book studies for over 35 years and traveled the world carrying the AA message.  Should anyone want to attend or send a card you have the information for them.


  • Attend monthly meetings which are held the second Thursday of every month, except August, at 8pm.  The meetings are held at the First United Lutheran Church, 6202 E. Mockingbird Lane.  The church is across Mockingbird from Luby’s Cafeteria and across Norris Street from the Central Office.  The office is open 30 minutes after the meeting.  For large orders please call ahead to avoid a jam.
  • Make monthly reports based on Intergroup Meeting information to your home group.
  • Inform the Intergroup office of any changes in your group’s meeting times, types, group location, phone number, any changes.  If you see an error in your listing please call and let us know.  We can change information on the website daily, but the printed schedules only come out 3-4 times a year.  We can only be as accurate as the information you give us.  We depend on you to help us out.  If you visit a group other than your home group and find that group does not appear to be active please inform us of that as well.
  • Urge home group participation in any Intergroup sponsored event or function such as the Chili Cook-off and Anniversary Celebration.
  • Help the Intergroup maintain an accurate and up to date 12th Step List from your home group.  The Intergroup gets speakers for groups and events as well as workshops so a good supply of speakers, step speakers and other volunteers for group activities is very important.  When someone calls for help it is great to have a list of volunteers from the many different areas we serve.
  • Ask your home group to make financial contributions to the Intergroup using GSO guidelines.
  • Advise your alternate Intergroup Rep of all Intergroup activities so that home group participation will not be interrupted.
  • Suggest to other groups that they elect a willing, active member to serve as their Intergroup Rep and have a voice in monthly meetings.
  • Keep Intergroup informed of any special event at your home group.  We will post the event on our events page on the website and on the bulletin board in the office.
  • Sign up for the EBlast, for Intergroup Reps, to get the latest information.  We have to have your current email to add you to the list.
  • Inform your group about Intergroup and the services we provide all groups, including the Speaker Bureau, Nightwatch, Workshop Assistance, Mediators for Group Inventory, 12th Step calls and much more.  We are always looking for members with some extra time to volunteer at the office.
  • Inform your group about available literature.
  • Urge your group to take Nightwatch for a weekend.
  • Urge members to visit the office and see what the Dallas Central Office/Intergroup does in person.
  • Members of our Board of Trustees are happy to visit your group and answer any questions your members might have about Intergoup.

Amended By-Laws 07

Bill W stated that “The Intergroup Association is the best insurance we can have that the life lines to the hundreds of thousands yet to come will never break or tangle.  Let us always be generous.  Let us always support the Intergroup.”


The Central Office offers this service to any group in our area.  We have a wonderful list of speakers, whether you need a Step Speaker, Tradition or Concept Speaker or someone to share their personal experience, strength and hope.  We can also supply experienced speakers for panels and workshops.  If your group is going to have an inventory we can help you with that as well.

Just call the office and request the type of speaker you need.  We are aware of last minute cancellations but whenever possible if you could give us a few days to fill your request it would be appreciated.  If you do have a cancellation at the last minute we will do our best to find someone to fill in for your group.  Once you call us and request us to find speakers for you, we will!  If you continue to look for speakers after calling us the result is quite often double booking, or having two speakers instead of one.  We have a rotating committee with a different member taking requests each month.  If you or members of your group would like to be added to the speaker list we would love to do just that.  You can email or call in the information and we will add you to the master list.  Individuals can also volunteer using the form on this website.

The Dallas Central Office/Dallas Intergroup is here to help you!

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