If any of you were asked to contribute an article of any kind to the next newsletter,The DIAlog, please let us know.  We are not sure who Andrea might have asked to help the August issue.  Following her past issues we will continue writing about steps and traditions.  This month’s issue will be on Steps/Traditions: Six, Seven and Eight.  If you have something you would like to have considered, just send it to us.  You can fax 214-887-0443 or email &  Thank you for any help you can give us.

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If any of our members experienced one of those incredible incidents while at the International Convention in Atlanta, send your short comments/story to us and we will select some of the best for sharing with everyone.  Hope you all had a great time, but glad you are back!  Send your comments to  Thanks!

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It is time for the 2015 International Convention at last.  There is an app available for download on the AA website so you can keep up with what is going on where and when.  For those not able to attend this event, the International Opening Flag Ceremony will be streamed via the A.A. website for everyone to view.  This is one of the most inspiring and exciting part of the entire convention.  No passwords or access codes needed.  It will be available from the morning of July 4th through July 6th at midnight.  The panoramic photo of the 2015 International may be ordered in advanced and shipped or picked up at the convention.  Follow the link at

Have a safe and sober trip to Atlanta, and back.  Let’s show them Texas sobriety at its best!!!


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Thank you Bill W. and Bob S. for starting a movement that has saved millions of hopeless alcoholics.  A good day to take a moment and remember our founders and the early members that made Alcoholics Anonymous possible.  What would they think 80 years later?  Before the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous the world was a dismal place for alcoholics.  Today, A. A. can be found almost everywhere, almost all the time in more than 114,000 groups throughout the world.  Happy, happy birthday.

The International Convention is less than a month away.  What a celebration we will have in Atlanta!

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The newest Dallas Metroplex Directory will be in stock Wednesday, May 27th.  We will mail to those groups who have already paid for their order tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

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