Ready, Set, GO!

When I took over from Dave, he told me that he and the board had toured new spaces for the office and decided NOT to move once the pandemic hit.

Our building was sold a while back and the new owner informed me last week that our lease will not be renewed. He has another tenant eager to take our space and asked if we’d be willing to leave before our lease is up on August 31st, 2021.

Two things:

1. I want to involve the groups in every step of this process. The Intergroup is funded by the purchases and contributions of individuals and groups and spending your money wisely is a huge part of my job as your special worker.

2. I ask for your prayers that I will be guided to just the right place at just the right price at just the right time.

Pretty please send an Intergroup representative to the next meeting on April 8 at 8pm? If you can’t attend, please review the minutes of the meeting on April 12 so you’ll be up to date.