Previous International Conventions

We have had some inquiries about previous AA International Conventions and where they were held.

Here is a list:

1950:  Cleveland

1955:  St. Louis

1960:  Long Beach

1965:  Toronto

1970:  Miami

1975:  Denver

1980:  New Orleans

1985:  Montreal

1990:  Seattle

1995:  San Diego

2000:  Minneapolis

2005:  Toronto

2010:  San Antonio

2015:  Atlanta

(Scheduled 2020: Detroit)

For those of you that have been to one or many of the conventions and have a good story to share, please submit it to us and we will try to have an ongoing section about the upcoming International and information on the Internationals in general.  If you have questions or are just curious about something please contact the office and we will try to get some answers for you.  Of course, is the source for all current info on the Detroit International!

(The list does not include the 10th Anniversary of AA celebration in Cleveland in 1945, but it was one of the first big events)

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