New Office Manager

Hello friends and fellow travelers in AA!

My name is Sam, and I have been selected by the DIA Board to be your new office manager. I began my work with Dallas Intergroup as a volunteer in March 2021, and stepped into the role of Assistant Manager in August after the move to our new location. I have greatly enjoyed serving the local AA community via the hotline, emails, meeting updates, group orders, and collaboration with staff and volunteers. Our previous manager, Kathy Ward, left the office in excellent condition, and equipped me to help facilitate needed services for the local AA community. I am delighted to fill her shoes, and honored to be actively involved at the hub of AA’s local efforts to reach still suffering alcoholics.


I am available regularly at the office Monday-Friday during business hours, and can also be reached via email at


When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.


Warm regards,

Sam Fuller

SD: 11-15-14

Homegroup: Unity Denton