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This is where you can find links to items of special interest only to our AA community, including financial statements of the Dallas Intergroup Association, group histories, obituaries of local AA members, and other items that you might request. Please send suggestions by return e-mail.

AA Finances

May 1, 2006 – “There are no dues or fees for AA membership.” But the next part is equally true: We are self-supporting through our own contributions. Meaning: there are simply no “alternative funding sources” in AA – it begins and ends right here! All contributions to the DIA, both from groups and from individuals, are down 6% this year through April. This may not seem very much, but rent has been increased 13% and healthcare costs have gone up 20% over 2005. This puts us in a precarious position, and the main reason we’re keeping afloat so far is the extremely strong sales of AA literature and medallions these past four months. So it’s time to remind the local Fellowship of our Faithful Fivers program, which affords AA members the opportunity to practice the Seventh Tradition regularly and painlessly by pledging $5 – $100 a month to the DIA. You can set up a recurring charge on your credit or debit card. . If your group is feeling the pinch, or if you simply feel the need to increase your group’s contributions to AA as a whole (intergroup, district, area or our General Service Office), we have a couple of signs in PDF format that you can download, print out and post on your group’s bulletin board. Please note that these signs are not produced by AA World Services, our General Service Office or the AA Grapevine. We have produced them here at the office, and they are actually modifications of non-copyrighted materials that have been produced by other concerned AA members over the past 15 years. Our monthly contributions are published in our newsletter, The DIAlog.

Newsletter Committee

Please help the newly-formed Newsletter Committee. Send ideas, suggestions, articles, > 30 years birthdays, events, etc. to office@aadallas.org.

Calendar Page

You will find what is going on at the Dallas Intergroup on the Calendar Page.  The Events Calendar will keep you up to date on what is going on in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas and conferences in near by states.

Group Histories

Send in your group’s history for publication here.  (This page will be added to in the near future.  We have a number of Group History Notes that need to be verified before posting.)  A project for 2015 is a spiral or paperback booklet of all the group histories we have available.  When we get closer to that all groups will be asked to send in their information.  More information will be posted on the front page of the webpage.


Put your Group’s Picture on the Internet

No, no, no, not the PEOPLE, the FACILITY! We’re still seeking group pictures to post as an aid to finding AA facilities. Read more here.

Your DIA Board of Trustees for 2015

  • Ralph S, Aquarius – Chairman, Treatment
  • Josh K, Chicago – Vice Chair, Nightwatch
  • Ashley A., Chicago – Secretary, Special Events
  • Dave R, Georgetown – Treasurer, Outreach
  • Ed. L, No Hassle – jails and Corrections
  • Greg L, Cornerstone – 12 Step and Speaker Bureau
  • Micki B, Clean Air North – CPC/PI
  • Mike D, Clean Air North – Special Needs
  • Andrea H, Friendship – Newsletter


Special Needs Committee

Does your sponsor “suggest” you do more service work? The Special Needs Committee might be for you! Though we are all afflicted with the disease of alcoholism, some of us have special needs. AAs with “special needs” are generally defined as persons who are vision- or hearing-impaired; chronically ill or homebound, and those who are developmentally disabled. AA publishes literature both in Braille and American Sign Language, and there are also service guidelines pertinent to helping meet special conditions. Now the DIA and the Central Office want to do more, and we need volunteers to evaluate the special needs in our own AA community. Much information was gathered during the 2002 Intergroup/Central Office seminar concerning the issues of those members who have special needs. Some of the topics included the hard of hearing, the deaf, the blind, the mentally ill and the house-bound elderly. There are many problems to address and many solutions. We would like a committee to assess what the needs are in our area as well as the resources. Other areas have “mobile meetings” designed to meet the needs of our old-timers who no longer drive, or for residents of retirement centers. There are a lot of exciting ways to reach out to those members who may not have adequate access to meetings. If you would be interested in helping with this 12th-Step opportunity, please contact the Central Office.

AA Women: help take meetings to the Gatesville Prison Units.

At this time there is a group of local women cleared for the state prisons. They invite you to join them in this great fellowship and share the gifts they have been so freely given!

  • Where: Gatesville Prison (c. 2½ hours from Dallas)
  • When: One Saturday every other month (6 Saturdays per year)
  • Who: One year sobriety required, but if you have less and want information, call one the numbers below anyway.
  • Why: The Joy of Living is the theme of AA’s Twelfth Step, and action is its key word. (The fellowship is incredibly rewarding and fun.)
  • How: Get an application and go to orientation. You must be cleared by the state.

Contact one of the DAAMES (Dallas Alcoholics Anonymous Message Envoys) through our office – 214-887-6699 or e-mail us.

Help support our archives!

Archive materials are sought by the Dallas Central Office. One way to carry the message is to preserve the collective heritage of our Fellowship. As members of AA, it is our responsibility to collect, preserve and share historical memorabilia for ourselves and future members. We are trying to do just that at your Central Office. At this point we have a small but growing collection on display and we hope to add to our collection as material is donated. Please consider contributing your AA material to our archives. We have a federally trained archivist on staff who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please contact our office staff.

Current Links:

It has come to our attention that many AA members do not know whether their home group supports the Central Office or not. Accordingly, we are now posting here the amounts of group contributions to the DIA per a resolution of the Trustees made April 10, 2003. These figures will be updated regularly. Please also note the posting of the monthly roll call of the Intergroup meeting, heretofore available only in the DIALog. Visit the NETA (Area 65) Website District Map of our service area Traditions Checklist from the AA Grapevine. (Many groups use this for group inventories.) Service piece from GSO about “Conference-Approved Literature.” Interesting FAQS about the Big Book AA Senior Adviser Bob P’s talk to the 1986 General Service Conference Twelve Concepts for World Service – Online Version of Conference-Approved Pamphlet

The Concepts Checklist is a service piece produced by our GSO. PDF format.


There’s an excellent service opportunity for those willing to correspond with incarcerated alcoholics – read the GSO-produced piece at www.aa.org and download a printable form from www.aa.org. Though AA has no opinion on any actions of the judicial system and is not affiliated with any local, state or federal agencies, we have long cooperated with correctional facilities in bringing AA’s message to inmates who want it.  The Central Office has forms for “inside” and “outside” correspondence for both Treatment Facilities and Correctional Facilities.

For more 12th Step opportunities see the same named tab on the front page of the website.  The12th Step Incentive if one of our fastest growing volunteer service.  See more information on the listings and front page.

The New 12th Step Initiative

The newest opportunities for groups is for a free handicapped inspection by a member and expert on the subject.  What you do with the report is up to you, but it is a rare opportunity and might make your group more aware of obstacles for our Special Needs members.

Special Needs Accessibilities Committee