On the District website page, we have added the groups in particular Districts to help answer the many questions we get from members.  We will add the Districts as we can.  At the moment we have the groups of Districts 53, 54 and 21 listed, if the group is listed with the Dallas Intergroup and appear on our website.

Enjoy and we hope this is of some service.

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Beginning immediately, the office will now be open from 10am to 6pm.  We hope this gives you extra time to make it to the office before going home.  Please call group orders to be picked up by 4pm.  The phones will still be transferred at 5pm.  Orders called in after 4pm will be filled the following day.  Credit card or group charges accepted after 5pm only.

In addition, we will no longer be open on Saturdays. ( We were open on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday but we will no longer have Saturday hours)

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The newest release from Grapevine IS NOW IN STOCK .  The latest book published by AA Grapevine is called, “Voices of Women in AA”.  The volume is a collection of 61 stories of experience, strength and hope from the pages of Grapevine.  Included in the collection are stories about or by women who contributed to our early history.  There are stories devoted to spirituality, sponsorship, relationships, careers and much more.  The book concludes with a chapter devoted to women’s meetings.  It is another wonderful addition to the Grapevine collection.  Get yours now!




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Parking Update

Parking Update: the front parking lot (facing Mockingbird Ln.) is open again. It’s hot outside, but the Office isn’t. Come visit us soon!

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We have the latest book published by AAGrapevine-Making Amends, Finding a new Freedom in stock along with other wonderful collections of their books.   This volume contains 55 candid and firsthand stories of member’s experiences with Step Nine of the A.A. program.  Including are chapters on making amends to parents, children, family members, exes, financial institutions, friends and coworkers.  This latest Grapevine will be available at our tables during the Gathering of Eagles Conference over Memorial weekend as well.  Come see us at the conference or the office.  If you don’t have time to make a trip to the office we will be happy to take phone sales on internet sales and mail the book right away.  See you soon! 

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