75th Anniversary Edition of the Big Book

We have made our last order for April arrival.  Thanks to everyone for paying in advance.  It helps a lot.  The two orders should arrive mid-April.  The first order is sold out and most of the second.  We have a few on hold for members who haven’t been able to come in yet.  Hopefully we will have some left. Since we paid for all of these in advance we will have to recoup before making more orders. The deadline for April pre-ordering has passed.  There will be plenty of the 75th Anniversary facsimiles available for later ordering.  As soon as I have the details for the different April “festivities” celebrating the release of the book, I will post them.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the publication of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, AAWS is printing a reproduction of the 1st Edition, complete with circus cover (red and yellow) and thicker paper-thus creating a larger book.  The reproduction is coming out in April of 2014, the same month the first edition was published in 1939.  We will be ordering the book in November so that we can get them here in April.  This is not a limited edition.  The reproduction will be published through the 2015 A.A. International Convention in Atlanta and then sold until they run out.  The cost will be $12 unless pricing changes between now and the ordering/printing.  We will be asking our Intergroup Reps to get a rough count of how many people in their group are interested in this book, so we will have an idea of how many to order.

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