12th Step Information

This page will list documents and Dallas Intergroup Association opportunities as they develop.  If you are interested in participating in any event or ongoing project please fill out a volunteer form and send.  You can indicate what you are interested in plus there is room at the bottom of the volunteer form to to clarify what you want to do to help.  We appreciate your help.  There is no sobriety limit with the new initiative, but anyone with less than one year of sobriety will be asked to accompany a more experienced member.  Never go on a 12th Step alone.

The New 12th Step Initiative

If anyone is interested in joining one of the Lew Sterrett Jail Teams, please fill out the form below and contact Sara T.  Her information is on the top.  There are currently 17 Teams taking meetings to the jail.  If you would like to be added to one of the teams currently going contact Sara.  This 12th Step opportunity has been in existence for many years.  Groups can donate to help provide books.  Up to a point, the Central Office has been able to match funds, but it is getting more difficult to do so with price increases, and less money.  It has been a great opportunity for many years and a way to give back to members behind bars.

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