12 Concepts For World Service

Twelve Concepts for World Service

The Twelve Concepts for World Service are arguably the least studied and least understood of all the major documents
which define the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the spirit of encouraging a better-informed AA Fellowship, we have created a section of our website devoted
to the reproduction of the Conference-approved pamphlet, The Twelve Concepts for World Service Illustrated.
The pamphlet itself is Copyright 1986 and reproduced here with approval of AA World Services, Inc. Nothing has
been added or deleted from the pamphlet; it has merely been digitized into a series of .gif files and presented
for viewing in Macromedia Flash® format.

The Twelve Concepts for World Service Illustrated – Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Concept I: (Responsibility and
    Final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA world services should always reside
    in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship.
  • Concept II: (Establishment of the Conference) When,
    in 1955, the AA groups confirmed the permanent charter for their General Service Conference, they thereby delegated
    to the Conference complete authority for the active maintenance of our world services and thereby made the Conference
    – excepting for any change in the Twelve Traditions or in Article 12 of the Conference Charter – the actual
    voice and the effective conscience for our whole society.
  • Concept III
  • Concept IV
  • Concept V
  • Concept VI
  • Concept VII
  • Concept VIII
  • Concept IX
  • Concept X
  • Concept XI
  • Concept XII