UPDATE: If you want to access the full site from the mobile app, just click the icon at the bottom that look like this: MobileSwitcher

From there, you can click the Volunteer link and access the form.

UPDATE #2: We fixed the menu, so that the Volunteer form is now available from the Mobile App. :)

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We have been without access to the Website and for most of last week, to our email.  This issue has been dealt with and is still a work in progress.  We apologize for any problems this caused when using our site for meetings and other information.

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We now have the Grapevine “Daily Quote” in stock.  Similar to Daily Reflections from AAWS, this book has some great topic ideas and a shorter comment after the quote.  A day by day type of book, it is full of new quotes from all of the Grapevine literature, from the magazines to the books.  Inspiring quotes.  Good job by the Grapevine; $10.99 each.  Come read a few passages and see what you think.

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Large Print Condensed Big Book in Stock

We now have a large print version of the mini Big Book in stock for $7.00.  The abridged large print includes the same material as found in the B-35 or mini Big Book (the first 164 pages, Dr. Bob’s Nightmare and the seven appendices).   As with the mini Big Book, none of the stories are included.


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The 75th Anniversary Big Book is now in Stock!!

We received our second order of the new 75th Anniversary Edition of the Big Book, so it is available and in stock for anyone wanting to buy them.  The new edition cost $12.  We ask that groups keep their order to one case until we get a constant supply coming in to the office.

The official publication date for the original first edition was April 10th.  To celebrate the anniversary, we will have a one time only sale.  The first Big Book cost $3.50 from Works Publishing Company.  The first 20 (twenty) members that come in on April 10th to buy a 75th Anniversary copy will pay the original price of $3.50.  One per person and you must come to the office to buy one.  We open at 10am so come buy a copy of the original for the original price and celebrate the book that has saved the lives of millions of alcoholics!!



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