Big Books are back in stock.  We should have the second shipment by the middle of next week.  Hopefully we will be able to keep some back stock on hand!

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Please save the date for our 68th Anniversary.  The date is Saturday, October 17th, 2015.  Our AA Speaker will be Clancy I, from LA,  We will add our agenda, times, etc. when we decide on the location that best suits the event.  This is a change form our second Saturday in September set date.  The reason for the move was due to our speaker’s availability.  When we come up with the best location we can find we will let you know.

DIA_2015 Anniversary Save the Date Postcard

We will have food, cake, coffee and great fellowship.  We hope you can attend the event and hear a wonderful speaker share his experience, strength and hope with us.

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We will be having a Dallas Intergroup, Central Office Workshop on May 9th, 2015, from 2pm to 4pm at the Dallas North Group.

The Dallas North Group has graciously offered us their space for this workshop, and we hope you will come to learn what we do and what it would be like without a Central Office.  We will have forms for you to fill out if you wish to volunteer for any position available through our office.  Bring your sponsees!!

Everyone is welcome.  Snacks will be provided.  Questions are welcomed.

Please see the flyer for more information.

Dallas Intergroup_Central OfficeWorkshop_May 2015_

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We are beginning the process of updating a new printed directory.  Please let us know if your schedule needs to be adjusted.  The deadline for changes will be April 10th.  We will use the online information unless you contact us with changes.  Groups that have not contacted us for more than one year will be contacted once and then delisted pending confirmation of their information.  Sending people to groups that have not kept their schedules up to date is a disservice to the member and calls all of our listings into question.  Please check address, phone numbers, types of meetings, times, etc.  There are many groups that we have not heard from in more than 2 years.  If we do not hear from these groups before the deadline, they will be automatically delisted until we know their schedules are correct.  Letters to these groups are going out by Monday giving everyone plenty of time to contact us.  Call, email or fax your information.  214-887-6699, janis@aadallas or carrie@aadallas.org,  214-887-0443 fax.  For the majority of you that do keep us informed we greatly appreciate your cooperation.  Thanks!

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The 9th Chili Cook-off trophies are engraved and ready to be picked up.  We can bring them to the next Intergroup or we can make a presentation to the group.  Anyway you want to get them!  Cornerstone Group was added for a second time to the permanent plaque in the DIA office.  Cornerstone, Friendship, We Agnostics and Clean Air all have trophies ready.  Let us know if you want a Board Member or staff of the Dallas Intergroup to present the trophy.  Congratulations to everyone that competed and the four winners.

They will look great at your group!!  We also have the 3rd Place ribbon that was not picked up for the chili cook-off.

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