On November 1, 2001, “Nightwatch” was born. There have been occasional glitches, but the technology has proven to be quite reliable. The volunteers have been highly enthusiastic, even those few who have gotten calls in the wee hours!! This is, after all, what it’s all about – having a live alcoholic at the other end of that phone line, not a recorded message.

THANK YOU EVERYONE who has made this initiative a success so far. But we need more volunteers, and ESPECIALLY more groups to take up the slack on weekends. The groups listed here have all stepped forward to sign up for weekend duty. The weekend commitment is from 8:30AM Saturday – 5:30PM Sunday. It’s a great opportunity for your group’s fun, fellowship and service!

If your group is interested please call us at 214-887-6699 or email us here. We still need Nightwatch volunteers. Please go to our volunteer page to sign up!

“Nightwatchers” are given the latest copy of the Metroplex Directory, a current 12th Step List (strictly confidential), and other information to make your Nightwatch duty a little easier to manage.  Most volunteers use our website for hotlines and group information.

Here is what is expected of Nightwatch volunteers:

  1. Volunteers agree to answer the phone after hours (from 5:00 PM to 8:30 AM the next morning) one evening per quarter – four times per calendar year.
  2. Anyone wishing to do this service work agrees to stay at home that evening and pick up all calls, i.e., not screen calls through an answering device or take calls on a cell phone from a remote location.
  3. Volunteers agree to use a certain format suggested by the Dallas Intergroup Association.
  4. Volunteers will have a minimum of one year of sobriety. It is suggested that they will have taken the 12 Steps and are familiar with Chapter 7 of the Big Book (Working with Others).
  5. The Dallas AA Central Office will call weekly volunteers each Monday to remind them of their service commitment.
  6. The Central Office will provide the volunteers instructions about Nightwatch, which will include a current list of AA members available to respond should the need for a Twelfth-Step call arise, the most current Metroplex Directory and other material as the need arises.  You will also have access to Committee phone numbers and the DIA Director’s phone number in case of emergency situations.