Seniors in Sobriety, now in Texas

As far as we can tell, Dallas just hosted the first Seniors (over 60) in Sobriety AA Meeting in Texas.  If you have members that might like to try a meeting with a slightly different focus, please let them know about the SIS meeting.  Hopefully it will be the first of many.  The first meeting was well attended.  As you all know, it is impossible to guess how a first meeting might go, but this one was a lot of fun and we had someone pick up a desire chip.  I know in my home group we have had several people get sober in their 70′s and 80′s.  Alcohol abuse by the elderly is a growing problem and with the “baby boomers” approaching/reaching retirement age, the problem will only intensify.  Add to the growing alcohol abuse, the possibility that a number of elderly are over medicated, and we are looking at a major problem.  The idea for Seniors in Sobriety began in New York, within AA, in 1990.  The groups are starting to spread but when we found out there wasn’t one in Texas, a lot of us felt it was time to change that!!

The meetings will be held at 2pm in the afternoon at the Juliette Fowler Apartments.  The location is very close to Woodrow Wilson HS and Randall Park.  Directions from the Central Office:  South on Abrams Rd, pass Whole Foods @ Gaston & Abrams.  Stay on Abrams Road.  You will pass Lakewood Country Club on the left, pass the Lakewood Theater on the right.  At the stoplight at Abrams and Glasgow turn left.  Cross Victor, Reiger and then turn right on the 3rd Street, Columbia.  This dead ends into the apartments.  You will see buildings C and D.  At the intercom, press the call button and tell security that you are here for the SIS meeting.  Park close to the green awning, come through the doors by the awning and walk straight back the length of the long hallway to Means Dining Room which will be on your right.  That is where the meeting will take place.  (It is easier than it might sound!!)

If you Reps could help spread the word it would really help the meeting keep growing.  I will post the meeting on the group directory as soon as I get an exact address rather than just the green awning, although that is how I found it!!  If you went to Woodrow, you can find it, no problem.

More to come on this.  IN the meantime bring some folks to the meeting.  It is hopefully going to be a speaker meeting, and an open meeting.  Please spread the word and I will try to have some flyers by next week. Wouldn’t hurt to bring cookies?



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