We are beginning the process of updating a new printed directory.  Please let us know if your schedule needs to be adjusted.  The deadline for changes will be April 10th.  We will use the online information unless you contact us with changes.  Groups that have not contacted us for more than one year will be contacted once and then delisted pending confirmation of their information.  Sending people to groups that have not kept their schedules up to date is a disservice to the member and calls all of our listings into question.  Please check address, phone numbers, types of meetings, times, etc.  There are many groups that we have not heard from in more than 2 years.  If we do not hear from these groups before the deadline, they will be automatically delisted until we know their schedules are correct.  Letters to these groups are going out by Monday giving everyone plenty of time to contact us.  Call, email or fax your information.  214-887-6699, janis@aadallas or carrie@aadallas.org,  214-887-0443 fax.  For the majority of you that do keep us informed we greatly appreciate your cooperation.  Thanks!

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The 9th Chili Cook-off trophies are engraved and ready to be picked up.  We can bring them to the next Intergroup or we can make a presentation to the group.  Anyway you want to get them!  Cornerstone Group was added for a second time to the permanent plaque in the DIA office.  Cornerstone, Friendship, We Agnostics and Clean Air all have trophies ready.  Let us know if you want a Board Member or staff of the Dallas Intergroup to present the trophy.  Congratulations to everyone that competed and the four winners.

They will look great at your group!!  We also have the 3rd Place ribbon that was not picked up for the chili cook-off.

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Thank you to all participants!  We had a great night and a good competition.  The judges made their decisions and the following entries were selected:

  • 1st Place    Cornerstone Group  (for the second time in a row!!)
  • 2nd Place   Friendship Group
  • 3rd Place    We Agnostics Group

First place winner of the Cornbread Contest was:  Clean Air Group!

Maybe we can pry a recipe from the first place winners for the DIAlog.  If so we will publish the recipes in the next newsletter.  Thanks again to everyone who participated and to our speaker, Frank W., from the Preston Group.   As soon as the trophies are engraved, the winners will be notified and we will deliver your trophy or you can come pick it up at the office.  Congratulations to all the winners.

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Mark your calendars and start your chili!!  The 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off will be Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 5pm to 9pm at the Northway Christian Church.

We will have the chili cook-off and cornbread contest as well as an AA Speaker.   We will provide the toppings (cheese, onions, peppers, chips) and water.  Please plan on bringing your own soft drinks.  We will of course have coffee and cake.  Trophies will be given to the top three chili winners and a trophy awarded for the best cornbread.  See flyer for full information.

  • AA Speaker will be Frank W., Preston Group

The winner will have their group name engraved on the permanent plaque in the Central Office. This is a group participation event.  Chili entries have to come from our groups and not an individual.

DIA_Chili Cook Off 2015

Please fill in the contest form and forward to the DIA office.  If you need to fax:  214-887-0443.  We need to have all registrations before the event please.  For registration go to the red circle with a J inside.  (As a remembrance to our long time volunteer, registrar, Jack C.)  Email to janis@aadallas.org or carrie@aadallas.org. 

2015 Chili Cook-off Entry





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We still need volunteers for the our 12 Step Initiative.  If you are interested in doing 12 Step calls please fill out the volunteer form, checking 12 Step and making a note that you want to be including in this initiative.  Read the description below.  There is no sobriety requirement for participation, but those members with less than a year will be matched with more experienced members.  We do not handle any 12 Step call with a single volunteer.  For more information see the information sheet below.  We are basically returning to our beginnings and “sponsoring” newcomers into Alcoholics Anonymous. In two and a half months we have covered more 12 Step calls than in the last 10 years combined.  It is working and we need volunteers!

The 12th Step Initiative



We would  like to thank all the volunteers that came to the Henry Wade orientation/training.  We had a full house and anyone still wanting to get the training simply needs to contact the Henry Wade Juvenile Offenders Program Dallas County.  ( If you want more contact information, email your request, and we will forward the information to the appropriate person for the next few weeks.)

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