As you know, the building we are in, The Wilshire Building, is undergoing a complete reconstruction.  This past Saturday, July 16th, made it quite clear that opening our office on Saturdays is not only dangerous but was almost impossible to get into the building.  The workmen take advantage of the weekend to do major destruction.  We are the only retail office in this building and only open two Saturdays, so no one took that into consideration.

For everyone’s safety and the staff and volunteer’s wellbeing, the office will not be open on Saturdays until the construction is complete or until we find a temporary location to wait out the renovation.  There will be changes in our hours if we do not find a temporary location quickly.  We will keep you posted.  Until something is posted hours remain 10am to 5pm.

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Please Update Your Group’s Schedule

Please check your group’s online listing for errors.  If your current schedule does not match what is shown on our website please call and tell us the changes we need to make for accuracy.  We are updating the printed schedule and the printed listing for all groups will reflect what is currently online.  Let us know by June 10th if there are any changes.

Any group that does not contact us with verification of their schedule and we have not heard from in more than a year will be automatically dropped from the online and printed schedule.  (If you are a regular customer just check your schedule and let us know of any changes)

We do not want to send newcomers, visitors or any other A.A. member to a meeting that no longer exists or has moved without informing the Central Office of the change.  In an effort to make our directory as current as possible, groups with outdated contact information, will be dropped.  If we cannot confirm your group and your group does not make an effort to stay current with their listings, we have no choice but to drop that group from our schedule.

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If you visit our office in the near future, be aware that a lot of work is being done throughout the building.  While it may look like something out of a horror movie at the moment, DIA is open for business and it is bright and friendly in our space!  We have no idea how long this will take.  However, we will be here waiting for you!  Be careful of the steps.  It is easy to trip on the exposed edges.  The elevator is slow but reliable.

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We will be holding our 10th Annual Cook-off in the Fall this year instead of Springtime. Cooler weather, hopefully, and we want to make this year a very special event.  We will be releasing information in the coming months special events leading up to the actual cook-off.  More will be revealed!  Watch for clues when you see this on any flyer.  Add them all up and you could be the grand winner of a very special prize!

Bob the Pepper guy

Watch for clues when you see this guy.


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Please remember that as of March 1st, the Dallas Central Office instituted a 10 day net for all group invoices.  The long practice of allowing thirty days for groups to pay was not economically feasible. It was simply not practicable considering we pay in advance for all of our orders.  Any group that does not pay for their invoices within 10 days of purchase will be considered late.  After this month allowing for all groups to get used to the change, we will do our best to work with everyone, but while you have your books, we have to continue to order and pay in advance for more of those same books.  If any group experiences a problem or something unexpected comes up financially, we will work with you as far as payments.  Just contact us and we will always help.  The office has to have the ability to continue stock orders and this is one way to accomplish that.  We appreciate the majority of groups who have kept their accounts up to date and comply with no problems when we have to change policies.  All invoices and statements have included the 10 day net information for some time now, so hopefully everyone was well aware of the change.  Of course, to be sure your group knows of any and all changes, an informed Intergroup Representative is by far the best source of information about the Central Office.  If your group does not have one, please consider sending a representative.  Contact the office for the simple procedure on joining the Dallas Intergroup Association.  We would love to have you at our meetings.

We will continue to send out statements, but we also email and print hard copies of every purchase so groups know at once how much they owe and when the purchase was made.  Any questions just give us a call or email


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