Wallet-size cards serve several purposes. The Anonymity card succinctly states AA's position on Traditions Eleven and Twelve as interpreted by our General Service Conference. The Responsibility Declaration of 1965 is reprinted wallet-size as a handy, portable reminder of what we're all about. The Preamble, Serenity Prayer, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are printed on the card that someone always seems to have at a meeting...
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M-2 "Preamble" Wallet Card Preamble, Serenity Prayer, plus the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions on a small card that easily fits in most wallets.
M-22-S Anonymity Wallet Card Traditions Eleven and Twelve, plus a General Service Conference-approved statement about what anonymity means to AA. Succinct and very useful.
M-21-S "Unity/Responsibility" Wallet Card The Responsibility and Unity declarations of 1965 and 1970, plus an excerpt from Bill's last message on anonymity - concise statements about three of our most sacred principles.
WCPK Assortment Pack 25 of each of the three cards (75 total).