Experience, Strength & Hope, as well as those invaluable sources of AA history, Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers, AA Comes of Age, and Pass It On.
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B-8 Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers The life story of AA's co-founder, Dr Robert Holbrook Smith. Includes many photographs and recollections of early AA in the Midwest.
B-3 Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age Bill W tells how AA began, how the Steps and Traditions evolved, and how the AA Fellowship grew and spread overseas.
B-9 Pass It On Biography of AA's co-founder and the development of the Fellowship. Thirty-nine photographs.
B-20 Experience, Strength & Hope The long-awaited compilation of old-timers' stories excised from the first three editions of the Big Book.
MB-3 AA Comes of Age Cassettes Eight audio cassettes, accompanied by a twelve-page booklet of historical photographs.
B-10 Boxed Set of Pass It On and Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers Gift set, ideal for AA birthdays.